Dear Betsy Devos

Dear Betsy,


Or should I say whoa, Betsy… I hope you’re enjoying being the most under-qualified Secretary of Education in modern history. It has to feel pretty cool, huh? I guess “draining the swamp” meant “draining the swamp and replacing it with a new one?” But I digress.

Despite your severe lack of knowledge regarding the education system, a lot of people were hoping you would do the right thing. Sure, you probably should have remembered that the IDEA Act protects the rights of our nation’s learning disabled children to receive an adequate education, but it looks like some in congress don’t seem to care too much with the introduction of HB 610.

You also probably shouldn’t be saying that school-aged children having free lunch is a “joke.” Coming from a city like Cincinnati, where nearly 1-in-2 of our children teeter on the poverty line, I don’t think we can really afford to have kids lose the only meal they can count on each day. In fact, we should probably make sure they have all three meals in school so they can focus on learning rather than hunger, but I’m sure you wouldn’t understand that; being born as the daughter of a billionaire and all.

Come to think of it, you wouldn’t really know much at all about the struggle of growing up in adversity nor coming up in the public school system, seeing how you went to prestigious private schools for the entirety of your educational experience. Maybe if you would have gone to a public school, you’d understand how to sympathize with hungry children? I know I do.

Listen, Betsy… I really think it’s time you open your eyes. I’m a product of the public education system. While I was lucky enough to come from a middle class background, countless others were not. I know the number of kids whom benefited from free and reduced lunches in my schools growing up, and it was more than a few. Some were my close friends. Have you been around people who may be struggling to find adequate nutrition? Your actions fill me with doubt.

As the Secretary of Education, it’s your job to inspire our children to want to learn and grow. I’m just saying that it’s incredibly difficult to want to learn when you don’t have the food you need, your educators don’t have the necessary tools, and your congress and elected officials don’t seem to care for your future nor well-being. Just a couple of final words:

Our children are the most crucial aspect of the future of our country. You and your friends are failing them. You’re failing the future of America.




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