This International Women’s Day Means More

A couple of months back, I attended the Women’s March on Washington. I found myself in awe while participating in the protest. I’d never seen so many people joined together outside of sporting event: a fact that’s pretty ironic in itself when you think about it. I wrote an article about my experience, which you can find here.

While in our nation’s capitol, prior to the event, I overheard a couple of older men say in our group’s general direction that “men weren’t acting like men” on that particular day. I was incredibly baffled by the sentiment. What exactly did he mean? Should I be discouraging women to stand up for themselves? Should I be telling them to get back in the house? Let men continue to make every decision for the other half of the human population?


In fact, on this International Women’s Day, I’m going to do the opposite. As a male politician running for office, I’d like to use this post to empower and encourage my women counterparts to run for political office. I’m proud to come from a city where we have a woman on the ballot in the mayor’s race: Yvette Simpson. I’m proud to be running with a wonderful group of women for a seat on city council including Tamaya Dennard, Amy Murray, Christina Burcica, and so many more. It’s women like you who are going to inspire young women to step out into the spotlight and proudly stand for their beliefs. We need powerful women like you jumping into the political realm. Know that your voice, your resolve, and your passion for driving progress for the cause has not only resonated with me, but that I am your ally. Regardless of where we stand on the issues, you inspire me. I will always stand with you to both protect and fight for you rights as we move forward.

Because a “man acting like a man” means empowering those around him and fighting to protect the beautiful diversity that makes our city, nation, and world so great. I will always stand by that.