Economic Development

Here in Cincinnati we’ve experienced a recent boom in attention due to our dedication to investing in neighborhoods that sorely needed the attention. We need to capitalize on the newfound attention and continue to invest in projects that will attract new residents and visitors to our city via tourism and continued investment in the startups, incubators, excelerators, and other small businesses that have been a huge asset to our city’s rapid development.

I want to attract dreamers to our city and lead the way to become a Midwestern version of Silicon Valley by investing in innovate projects and big ideas that will pay off for our city, and not throw tax dollars at projects that don’t have a firm method to achieving success. I will be critical and realistic in considering every possible approach to get outside sources to host events in the city as well. It takes a voice that will drive a hard bargain and negotiate, and I will do everything I can to make sure that the future of our city is one with both ample jobs and economic stability.