Ending Party Politics

Last year we saw what will be remembered as one of the worst years in American political history. Corruption was rampant in the leadership of the Democratic party; leading millions of voters to feel disenfranchised as the former DNC chair jumped on board of the victor’s campaign. Meanwhile, the entire GOP field was reduced to a shouting match. Like schoolyard children, they tossed immature insults back and forth in a game of “who can discriminate against more people.” Needless to say, it only got worse from there.

This year, we face a political climate that features two parties in shambles as the struggle for power takes a back seat while both main parties try to find their bearings. Yet, instead of attempting to make amends with our neighbors, we seem to be growing more distant than ever before. One thing’s for sure: Party politics are holding us back from achieving so much more as a city, state, and nation.

When elected, I will not sell out to nor be intimidated by the leadership of any party. My fight is not against my neighbors over the fact that they hold different ideologies. My fight is against extremists in both parties who would rather seek childish tactics than work together to find compromise. As a member of Cincinnati’s City Council, I will only have the best interest of the citizens in my heart and always keep an ear to the ground in every one of our neighborhoods with no private interests behind the scenes.