Small Business & Big Dreams

I got my first job working for a startup when I was 21. I wasn’t familiar with the scene, but I soon fell in love with the atmosphere and creativity from the entire community. In my experience, I met people from the small business community.  and got to talk with them about their passion for their products and the neighborhoods in which they worked. Seeing this passion made me want to start my own company, so I did.

Since I started writing articles about various businesses in Cincinnati and around the country with Impulcity, a former CincyTech startup, and my own company, CityNova, I’ve been able to reach out to thousands of businesses and musical artists to help showcase their products and music while reaching over 2.5 million readers across the country since 2014. While I know that my articles didn’t necessarily change the world, I do know that people were mobilized to check out the small businesses I was recommending to them. Seeing the impact that I could have assisting in making a name for small businesses and neighborhoods, I know that I want to continue doing whatever I can to enhance economic development for those dreamers and doers in the small business community.

Because of my passion for small businesses, I want to do whatever I can to assist them in the way of incentives and grants to make sure that our neighborhoods grow. In doing this, we will create more jobs and support locals who have a passion for our city.