Responsible Transparency

The government wastes a lot of money. So much money, in fact, that some of the elected officials don’t know where our money is going. This has to stop. While taxes are a necessary part of life to help grow and maintain our city’s infrastructure as a whole, our tax dollars are constantly wasted on projects that never come to fruition. When elected, I won’t have that. I’ll take a hard-line approach to spending and ensure that not a single tax dollar gets funneled into either the hands of someone who shouldn’t have it or a project that will never improve our quality of life as a city.

On top of this, I want to take an extra step in ensuring that you, the people who employ council members, will have a better, easily-accessible, line-by-line breakdown of EVERY dollar that is spent over the course of our annual budget rather than have you guess how a project’s money is spent in the form of a new website. It’s owed to you to have the most transparent city council in America, and I want to make sure that transparency is always at the forefront of every decision I’ll make.